Coupons per orders?

What kind of percentage do you guys see as far as how many orders or pizza you sell versus the amount of coupons you take in.

We sell about 800-900 pizzas a week and are open at 4 pm 7 days a week. We take in about $400 in coupons a week, some are for a $1 off some are for $2 off. What kind of ratio do you guys see.

Thanks in advance,


I don’t count the umber of coupons, but I do track total discounts as a percentage of sales. We run about 14% overall… higher when a mailing hits. We have a $2 deal on our box topper and offer value added items like a Free Pint of Ben and Jerry’s pretty widely. Another of our most popular offers is $5 off two 16" pizzas. I would guess we have one offer or another on about 75% of our orders.