Bundling items work best for us…forces customer to add on to their pizza and really only save a buck or two. Raises ticket average=more $$$=more profit.

Stix and pizza
2 pizza combo
pizza and soda

We have never done 2 bucks off and don’t think they would be as effective.

We just started doing a 2 pizza combo and it’s been doing very well. It doesn’t return as much as our full family meal package, but the gross margin is much higher.

We’ve been doing 2 Large 2-topping pizzas for $19.99.

I’ve at least 5 meal deals on the go at any time, all of which encourage ‘extra’ sales rather than reducing the price. When I’ve run special marketing on certain deals I’ve had success with:

  1. get 5.00 when you spend over 20.00 at regular price
  2. buy a large pie at regular price and get FREE side

but many times I find that when I run a specific offer I get poor redemption on that particular offer but an increase in sales in general over that time period i.e. any marketing in general will boost sales.

This is really the key to track. Many times the redemption rate is not very good so it is important to note sales increases when the coupons go out. Redemption rates are best used to compare to different coupons that you do to note how effective certain ones are. Just marketing period is key as just sending out menus will boost sales.

Wizzle, Pirate and everyone else, what is your preferred method of getting your coupons in the hands of the customer?

I have some posted on our website The current back to school ones are very good deals. The two week period following the start of school is usually very slow for us and I was trying to head that off a little this year with these coupons, but my return rate hasn’t been what I expected. Bare in my mind, that I’m really new to this whole marketing game as we’ve never really sat down and taken a good hard look at until now. We’ve advertised our website in every print ad, box toppers etc. and even used a box topper promoting the back to school specials. I made a dumb mistake though, instead of advertising them on a box topper telling customers to online and get them, I should have just printed them on the box topper. Live an learn.

Just wondering out loud.

Best way for me was to mail out flyers or menus with the coupons printed on them. Take a radius around your store and direct mail. After the second time we did that our sales went from 12k per week to 15k per week. After the third time we went to 16k per week.

Works for me too. Can’t always expect an immediate response either. People need time to become familiar with you before committing.

Do a small radius or what you can afford to do regularly. Its better to hit less people more frequently than more people less frequently.

Mix in some doorhangers and ads in publications as you go.

Keep a customer database and hit it once a month.

I have my 5 main ‘coupons/offers’ on my menu (we don’t require the coupon back).

I distribute my menu’s door to door or box topping. As I said previously my ‘offers’ tend to be focused on upping the ticket price rather than money off (or if I do money off its off a high ticket price). I have done mailing before but have found them not particularly cost effective some times.

I’ve also done very competitive special offers during normally quiet periods and in these cases I require a coupon but they are distributed in the same way.