Crab Ragnoon Pizza

Fongs makes this specialty pizza, is there anyone out here besides them who has tried or who does make this??? I made one the other nite and it was fabulous, I even had a few customers try it & they loved it, only problem is, it seems the cream cheese seems to be on the dry side, thought about mixing in a little sour cream to see if it will stop from drying out to much. ANY THOUGHTS

Yep we make one and it sells like hotcakes. Sour cream was a good thought but not quite the right answer. Your old friend mayo will fix the issue. Make sure you let the cream cheese come to room temperature and then add in a good amount of mayo. That’s how we get a spreadable and not dry mixture.

sounds interesting so far, what else do you use to dress it?

Using mayo will not change the flavor profile of the cream cheese???

chop up some imitation crab, which I found to be better priced, & also alot of your chinese restaurants use in their crab ragnoon use, chop up green onion, and thats it… I mix my cream cheese with “Old Bay” and a little granulated garlic.

My son who is a big fan of crab ragnoon, said I need to tweak the crust so it’s a little more crunchy, so I thought I would try it on a “gluten free” crust I will say NAY, not so much so I am taking my dough and making a super thin crust pre baking first to get it crispy, then put the cream cheese & crab on and stick back in over just to melt & warm crab, will let you know if it’s any better

Try using equal parts of sour cream and creamed cheese (kraft philli). We use it with dill seasoning for our smoked salmon pizza instead of traditional red base sauce.
Try dressing at the end with fresh baby rocket and a swirl of aioli, or a swirl of garlic oil.

I just had a thought what about using mascarpone instead not sure ??? I tried using mayo in the cream cheese, Im going to say mmmm not a big fan, I did not use that much mayo either just a tablespoon to about 16oz of cream cheese, I could taste the mayo not very pleasing, think I will try with sour cream, I am using GFS cream cheese, should I switch to “kraft philly” ??

“wa dave” what are you meaning by “baby rocket”??? or was that a miss spell.

Baby rocket is the smaller leaf early picked variant. If left too long on the plant the leaves get too large, picked early they are smaller and more suitable for a finishing garnish


Over here where the toilet swirls the other way, we call it something else :lol: Look for arugula i the stores. A little bitter, a little peppery, a little pungent. Will be a great foil for the richness of the cream cheese. Put it on fresh when you cut the pie and let the heat from the pie wilt it a little.

Thanks Nick for being my Aussie lingo to American talk translator. :stuck_out_tongue:
Exactly right what you say about being a foil for the cream cheese and putting it on top after cooking.
And by the way when are you coming down here. I’ve got a job for pizza maker, and we pay more than the minimum wage you guys get.

I saw this topic and remembered Fong’s Pizza from Diners Drive-ins and Dives or some other similar show. I remember trying to make one of these back when i saw the show the first time and I made it again after I saw this topic. I gave out a few pieces and will add it to the menu because it was such a hit. And as I’ve seen bodegahwy write about many of his specialty pizzas it is pretty much impossible for customers to compare prices with other places on this one.
To make the crab-rangoon filling I mixed equal parts (by weight) imitation crab meat(ground or diced very small), cream cheese and ricotta cheese. I placed bits of this all over the dough, topped with a light amount of the regular pizza cheese. I finished it off with eggroll or wonton wrappers cut into strips and scallions. Baked in my 20 year old lincolns at 450 for 6 minutes.
I had originally tried this just with 1/2 cream cheese and 1/2 crab meat and wasn’t a fan. My first pizza place was next to a chinese restaurant so i called up my buddy over there and asked him for some help. He told me to make the filling they use 2/3 cream cheese and 1/3 crab meat, then add sugar and maybe a little bit of white pepper but told me some people also use honey. I tried it once his way, it was better than the first time i tried. I decided to use ricotta since my vendor had a special of buy 2 cases of grande ricotta get 1 free lol., and i was really happy with it that way.
My friend from that restaurant also sells me the eggroll wrappers but im sure you can find these from a vendor or at the supermarket. Very cheap - a 40 lb case is $30. They add an awesome crispiness to the pie. The plus side to these wrappers is that you can use them to make some very interesting appetizers. We’ve made buffalo chicken rangoons, bbq chicken rangoons, pepperoni egg rolls (all awesome) and all can be cooked pretty well in the conveyor.