Crazy night

The last couple of days have been slower than the last three weeks… Seemed like just an off weekend in the middle of our season. I was expecting to do about 80% of our Saturday which is pretty typical…

Instead, we did 250% of Saturday, we had thunderstorms… and this afternoon the walk-in started climbing in temp up to about 55 degrees. We ended up with blown dough in 12" and 14" sizes that were from the day before and were cutting down 16" for the smaller sizes… which of course means we ran out of 16" and had to make dough on the fly… We closed an hour early.

…while defrosting the cooling fins on the walk-in unit and clearing out the lint… a tough thing since a manager a couple of years ago messed up the fins by trying to chip ice off of them. Relocated cheese, meats, etc to the reach-in and the drink cooler.

Sooo… a few hours later, we called it a day… a week… and a month. Took the month ending inventory… and ran the end of month books. We beat our all time best for July by $5,000. Walkin is back down to temp. Crew is going in early to make dough in the morning.

Another day in the pizza business.

That is crazy. Good thing the POS didn’t go down in the middle of all that.

We knew July was going to be great with the 5 Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Last July was a (monthly)record at the time and this July turned out to be another (monthly)record.

Our July was up from last year, however the final week was well off the expected pace. Our Friday and Saturday just past were nearly 50% down! This is one trend I’m hoping is over!

July was absolutely crazy for us up 17% on last year, averaging +$2k per week for the last 4 weeks.
Past Friday night was biggest ever followed by biggest ever Sat (doing a good Friday sales). The whole month was full of record sales for us.
It’s really nice to see some money in the bank again. Must be something in the water here and over in the US for people to be buying so many pizzas again. :smiley:


just remember it might all have because you had 5 weekends this year instead of just 4 so don’y get down next year if you are down in sales from this year


We were well up each week, not just for the month.
I track sales vs last year by week and quarter as you correctly pointed out months can vary as a 4 or 5 week month.


We were up 48% year over year for the month. That was not just the extra weekend.

Lets just all be happy that people can still have growth in these economic times! Also, this July had one extra Sunday in the mix. Last year was 5 Fridays and Saturdays… so not a really big difference! :idea:

I tracked sales by week and then by 4-week blocks and then by 16-week blocks. That way, I always was looking at even numbers of days and no skews from Fridays versus Tuesdays. I also do a running Daily average to date so I can keep track of that metric through the year.