Crazy thought thread about halloween

I was on my facebook account thinking of a business special when this came to me. Being that Halloween is one of the busiest time of year, why not put together advance ordering and paying. Run a special that makes you happy like 2 14" pies with a topping 4 16.99.

This way you will have a ton of regular orders going to x y z neighborhoods at certain times - maybe give a free dipping sauce -anything to take the load off a little.

I think tht TT can tweek this for a great idea.

Any thoughts?

Dude. I wait a whole year for Halloween. I don’t think discounting on the busiest day is atop my priorities.

Trick or treat night is always the Thursday before Halloween here. I give everyone in costume a free slice of pizza. We do triple our normal sales for a Thursday every trick or treat night.
It’s crazy on that day.

I was more talking about pre-orders from your current customers working up to halloween.

Just a thought.