Cream Cheese

I need a way to apply this through a squeeze bottle. We have used single serving packets, but the cost is too much and just a mess. The cream cheese in a container is too thick. Anyone have a way to thin it out?

We use cream cheese mixed with light sour cream to make a pourable product. We use our one with dill for our smoked salmon pizza base sauce. It makes it similar to Creme Fresch. Pours OK from a squeeze bottle allbeit a bit slower but OK. You could add more sour cream to make it pour easier.


You could also try using butterrmilk to thin it. Crewam Cheese is REALLY thick to be trying to squeeze bottle it. Why not try using a small portion scoop . . . like a 1oz . . . and then spread it. Or portion cup it and lid it. Another option is figuring out how to use a caulk gun to administer the shmutz.

the made me think of a cookie press as an option.

It’s fine to pour from a squeeze bottle if you make it up 50% cream cheese and 50% sour cream.

Sure it comes out thick but no problem if you have a large opening hole pourer on the bottle


Might seem like a stupid question, but I dont eat sour cream or cream cheese. Does the sour cream change the flavor much?

You can buy whipped…why not just do that?

We add dill to it and use it as a base sauce for our smoked salmon pizzas so I couldn’t really say on the taste. To be honest it would alter the taste but only very slightly and if you are using it for topping then I don’t think many people would notice


What is on your smoked salmon pizza? We have salmon for our salads. Never thought about putting it on our pizzas.

First the cream cheese/sour cream/dill blend as the base sauce, very light spread of moz cheese, baby spinach, smoked salmon slices (in small pieces), a light sprinkle of capers and red onio rings, topped with a very light sprinkle of moz. When it comes out of the oven we cut and top with fresh rocket and drizzle garlic infused olive oil over the lot.

My wat is mouthering at the thought of it :?


Use this:Heavy Sauce Dispenser - 580 Series

They are really nice because you can order them to dispense an preset amount with each pull of the trigger. We use these for Ricotta and our Garlic & Herb sauce. Be prepared for some sticker shock though - we refer to them as “the world’s most expensive caulk guns.”

you didn’t lie!! Cheapest I found in a quick 'net search is $86 JUST FOR THE GUN . . . . add $49 for the 9-bottle set of refillable cartidges/bottles to operate the beast. If I were in a condiment heavy environment, this would be the bomb diggity for making sandwiches and salads and spreadables. I’m going to bookmark this for the next time someone wants to give me a $200 toy :slight_smile: