Creative Graphic Designer Job Search

Seeking full-time in-house graphics position. I design projects from concept to completion with clear expectations and attention to details to meet tight deadlines. My designs guide customers and increase your potential for great results.

Hi Liz,
I heard that you had graphic experience working with pizza and marketing food. Can you elaborate?


I freelanced with Tom Seefurth (Mamma Mia!) to create his nutrition labels for the pizza sauce and some of his other products. During that process, I recreated the front label art for the printer so it was print ready(met specs). I also created a logo design for a small bakery. I am a graphic designer by trade and have worked with clients on their marketing materials from concept to completion. If you need ads, social media/website graphics or packaging art created that’s my jam. If you are looking for website design or email campaign assistance, I am not able to accommodate that depth of a project at this time. The majority of my portfolio is currently tool oriented because that was my full-time gig until last friday when the company restructured. A link to my website is below and contains some of my work for Mamma Mia and the Bell Yard Bakery. You can reach me through this feed or on the “about” page on my website.