need a good unique selling point for our pizzeria
(papa johns better ingrediants better pizza…) slogans

we are going to be called ROCKSTAR PIZZA
our decor will be similar to hard rock cafes
thanks in advance

At Rock Star pizza, Everyone can be a Juke Box hero!

Be a Juke Box hero at RockStar Pizza.

It seems that sort of thing is all I can bring up right now . . . playing off the anthems of rock and roll. Other anthems that come to mind for playing off of are:

Born to Be Wild
Walk this Way
We are the Champions
Johnny B. Goode
We will rock you! <
Sweet Emotion
You ain’t seen nothing yet
Take a walk on the wild side

There are so many others. Allusion to lyrics or titles could be fun. Avoid spoyright issues, though.

it’s better to be a rock star than a porn star

Here ya go: KARAOKE NIGHT. Be a Rock Star at Rock Star Pizza.
Just send me a check every week, thanks.