Credit Card Dispute

Got my first Credit Card Dispute today. Turns out my front counter girl allowed the customer not to sign the credit card receipt. Now, this person is on video. Does that help for anything or am I pretty much SOL?

SOL unless you have an imprint of the card. They will not give you any way to submit video documentation.

In our most recent chargeback, I was told that even if the cardholder withdraws his complaint, which he said he would do, we may still lose the money because we did not provide the requested imprint of the card. So I guess the cardholder pays the bill and Discover pockets the whole thing. Lucky them!! Do all of you guys actually imprint the card on deliveries??

This is why I resisted credit cards for so long. Considering the way credit card companies treat their customers, I knew they would have no repect whatsoever for merchants.


Not to stick my thumb and twist in an open wound, but is this your first time your staff didn’t get a signature? Something is definitely fishy here if you ask me…

I hate to say it but you are probably SOL on this order. Can you prove that the person on the video was the actual card holder, and not someone with a stolen credit card?

Some ways to protect yourself:

  1. make sure that they sign it
  2. Ask to see a photo ID. If they don’t have it or it doesn’t match SORRY!
  3. Make a copy of the credit Card: Put the card under the thermal paper and rub a pen or pencil over it and the card image will appear. Or you can buy a old CC machine (knuckle buster) for about $20.
  4. Write the order # on the back or attach the carry out/delivery label.

I hate Credit Card Companies!!! But everyone takes them including me.

We do not deliver so they have to have the card in hand. I looked into the scam part involving my employee as I thought that as well. It was one of my better employees on a night we were slammed, she had a line pretty long in front of her. I really just believe it was an oversight on her part. We have been open 10 months, only time I have ever had a problem knock on wood.

Ask them how come other merchants can get away with no signature for under $25??

How much was the ticket? You probably are SOL plus more with the other fees involved … Write it off as a promo!!

Weird, I just posted this same information on another forum for the same reason. The following link will take you to Visa’s rules for merchants file, … chants.pdf. Go to the section related to chargebacks.

You don’t have the signature so it will be difficult to win this one. Is this a regular customer of yours?

The reason other businesses have “no signature” under $25.00 is because the card is always present and swiped into the system. If that type of business has a card that for some reason can’t be read by the swiper, they must have the customer sign the receipt.

Good Luck

I know most convenient stores and some clothing stores and supermarkets do not require you to sign if the bill is under 20$. Does anyone know if that practice transfers over to pizza stores?

The problem is the way Pizza shops process their transactions, you can’t get “no signature required” when you do deliveries because you can’t swipe the customer’s card. The credit card must be swiped in order to have “no signature required”.

What about restaurants that don’t deliver?

The following link explains about Visa’s small ticket “no signature required” program which started in 2006. At the bottom of the page you can see the categories that qualify for the program and the ones that get a lower interchange fee.

If you don’t do delivery you should be ok, just contact your current provider to get set up with them. If they give you a hard time let me know.

How about this scenario that we just had about 10 min. ago. The mother is at work but called in to order food for her kids who are at home. She is paying via credit card. What would you guys to with this situation if we are to get a credit card rubbing on delivery.

Is the Mom going to be there when the pizza is delivered. You really need to have a signature.

Maybe have a template that you can send via e-mail or fax. She would authorize your store to use the card, sign the form, and photocopy the card and fax back to you.

I know that scenario would probably freak a lot of people out, but could potentially save you a dispute…

You all knew I would respond to this!!! Remember PCI Compliance, no storing of credit card pics and/or numbers!

I was going to ask about that… How is PCI Compliance figured into doing credit card rubbings in general? What happens when your POS system takes a shart in the middle of service, and you have to resort to the old school “knuckle buster” credit card imprinters?

Maybe I’m missing something in the translation here, please correct me if needed:

I call up for a delivery, you take my credit card number, you run the credit card before I am off the phone to get an approval, and you tell the customer that the driver will need to see the credit card and drivers license upon delivery

You now have a credit card receipt for me to sign when the pizza is delivered.

You deliver my pizza and the driver verifies the card number and writes down the drivers license on the credit card slip. The driver should also look at the back of the card for the signature and verify also.

A signed credit card slip and drivers license number will always win in a chargeback scenario

Second question, why don’t you have a back up standalone terminal for those occasions when the POS needs a moment alone? In the situation when you need to use the knucklebuster, you follow the above steps, get an imprint on the slip via anyway that works, get driver’s lic number and signature. When your POS is back from it’s alone time, you run the credit card with the information from the slip. You attach the signed credit card slip to the one you have run in your POS system and staple them together and keep for at lease one year to escape any potential chargebacks. You have to keep it because it is your only proof of purchase that is signed.

We don’t deliver, so the delivery aspect of it doesn’t apply to my store… I do know of companies here that send their drivers out with the carbon slips, and take a full imprint of the card every time. Certainly not in compliance…

Our POS is surprisingly good, and we VERY infrequently have to resort to the knucklebuster. It’s so infrequent that it would not be worth having a standalone terminal. (Feel free to flame that response…) :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’m hearing you correctly, though, you are allowed to keep the info in that scenario as it’s the only signed proof of purchase?

No flames apply! :smiley: Everyone should also be doing AVS and CVV input, just more safeguards to protect not only the merchant but also the consumer.

The merchant is required to keep the actual signed slip. Hang Ten!! I love Oahu!