Credit Card Dispute

So, going back to a few comments ago… What would you recommend for the Mom ordering for the kids over the phone, if she isn’t going to be home by the time the food is delivered?

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You don’t want to turn away business, especially in this economy. I would run the credit card transaction, using AVS and CVV, ask the woman for her driver’s license number and run with that. The risk is still there, but at least you would have some ammunition to fight a chargeback. Hopefully she is a regular customer.

I wouldn’t waste my time fighting it. You’ll never win. Print up the Picture and hang it near the counter with a wanted sign…

Have fun with it.

Ah, a rabble rouser after my own heart!! Go RobT…GoRobt!

Just my two cents… flag that customer, phone number etc as a bad customer in your POS to start. Give that customer name,address, phone number to any one of those telephone solicitors saying " you want the owner, right?, this is how to get a hold of him/her…"
Place an add on the local Craigs list etc with that SPECIAL customers phone number: " Free 3/4" plywood. 100 4X8 sheets, you haul. Used for sidewalk in construction project for one month. As new". I mark it as a win everytime.
Any more info and I’d hafta kill ya… lol…

The best solution to this is online ordering. It is the future of the the food industry in many peoples minds.

I second that. Our little store is now doing in excess of 10% of our business via online. Average ticket is $2 higher as well!

I’m not sure how online ordering helps in this situation at all. The requirements are still the same to avoid a chargeback whether the order is placed via telephone or online.

As far as how I would handle the order that a woman was placing to be delivered to her children. I would take the order, ask if she would like to leave a gratuity for the delivery driver, leave the receipt with the children and assume that the woman is not one of the small percentage of society that is willing to commit fraud to save $17 on their credit card bill. If she proves me wrong, then I’m out $6 in food and a little bit of mileage and the drivers tip. Out of over 25,000 credit card transactions this year, I’ll have less than 10 chargebacks. Certainly not worth getting too riled up over.


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ditto for me…we do this all the time…only had 2 chargebacks in 7yrs and only lost 1