Credit Card Fraud through POS or Logmein?

Just curious if any of you have heard or experienced any issues with a breach in credit card information with in the last 6 months. I really don’t want to put any names out there right now but I honestly feel like I’m being lied to by my tech support company, and am being misled to believe it was our fault. I know that in this day and age it’s something that is quite common, but I feel that if a certain company is responsible they need to be held accountable.

There have been many credit card breaches recently. They happen more often than we know.
See here to see a few incidents that happened within the last year

I know both jimmy johns and dairy queen were breached through their point of sale systems

Hi…I’m obviously very late to the party, but I just signed up and noticed this thread. The Jimmy John’s breach was through LogMeIn and not through the POS. That being said, Harbortouch POS was recently hacked.

I’ve used LogMeIn a few times for phone support, but I have a strong habit of wiping things like that off my system as soon as its current use is done by using “Remove program” in the control panel, and then going over the system with both Microsoft Security essentials, and Spybot.