Credit card issue

so I turned in a vender who was charging me 10.00 for using my credit card
I never heard back from them at all.
So in vain I turned in my gas company who charges me 4.75 each month to use my visa.
SERIOUSLY if I charge .50 to recoup I would be shut down I am SOOOO pizzed off.

Brb, gonna check my invoices thanks man.


It is such a shame in this day and age when everyone is using plastic, that credit card companies and banks are ripping everyone off. This is why we need some sort of legislation to bring that into check. If you have good credit, it isn’t your fault that the credit card companies issued credit to people who abused that credit, but you sure do pay for it.

Even the Government charges a few (that is breaking their agreement with the credit card company) for use of a credit card to pay taxes.

They probably get away with it because of there volume, (visa/mastercard) doesnt want to lose the business. If we all form a buying group and tell them they’ll lose all of us if they pull one we might have a chance and be able to charge for using creditcards. We should do the same for rates, bid it out to all processors for best rates as a group.

The thing that is really silly, is that the food vendor can change prices on you from day to day anyway. If they need extra margin to cover CC costs, they can just raise prices on you by 2% and move on.

Be careful what you wish for.

I agree. My VISA went from 9.99% to 27% this year due to some “adjustments to terms of service” even though I’m automatically set to pay my minimum each month and often pay extra.

My gas company, electric company, and local government offices all charge extra to use a card. I would get shut down fast if I tried to do it though. When I owned a bar, we had a $10 minimum to run cards…I wish I had a way to do that, hate seeing all this kids running cards for a $1.87 purchase during late night.

It all in the name.
When the gas or electric company or anyone else, charges for credit card usage, they are calling it a “service” or “convenience” charge. They are trying to offset credit card usage fees. They will tell you that it takes extra time and personnel to process credit cards more than checks or cash.

When you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig with lipstick…no matter what you call it.

Regarding the vendor, with confidentiality an issue, you will not hear back from them. The process is not a quick one, they will get 3 chances to respond to the “claim” that they are surcharging before they are put on the Terminated Merchant File. If after 30 days you still see them surcharging, file another complaint. The confidentiality goes both ways, they will not give out your information to the vendor.

so each month I file a complaint and if each month they continue at what point do I say Mastercard doesnt care that this is happening…What I would like to do is send the bill to Mastercard since I am being charged for there card, tell them I think THEY should cover the fee.

I just put a note on my door and drive thru window,it says .25 charge for all credit cards,if they dont want it pay cash,im tired of always taking a loss in money,for everything when all other companys can get away with it.