Credit Card Loan

Hi Everyone,
Been a while, catering is up, restaurant is down. I’m gonna do a radio run but need to cash. Anyone have a good experience with any of the credit card loan guys? And if so please share. All I hear is negative stuff, only a couple of good things. I do about 13k in CC sales a month. I would be able to pay it back pretty quick especially if the campaign I’m running works out. Thanks for any information as usual.


Find your local mob affiliate and borrow money from them. It’ll cost you a whole lot less and your business will likely still be a viable one. If you need help finding them reading a recent thread may help. Find a title loan company and give them your car titles. Find a payday advance store, just don’t use the credit card advance sales loans.:lol:

The credit card advance loans will likely kill your business. If you can’t come up with the cash currently, how do you plan to pay the bills with a large percentage of that $13,000 is not going to your bank account. Forget the interest rates they claim you’ll be paying, pull out an amortization book and you’ll find the rate is so much higher. On top of the stated fees, you’ll also likely find your processing fees get higher during your payback. Find some way other than this to finance your marketing efforts. I’d rather “borrow” by using my collected sales tax and paying the late fees and penalties associated with that.

Thanks Paul

Just a thought. Advertising revenue is down for most media producers and I’d bet radio is one of the hardest hit.

Maybe worth agreeing up front to stage the payments. This would probabely be better than taking a loan. When I’ve done radio stuff before I’ve never paid up front normally all of it after and in some cases quite a bit after.

To be honest I do this with most large transactions not that I need to I’d just rather the cash be in my account rather than someone elses (even if it is for just a few extra weeks). The worse they can say is no.

If a good customer came to you said I’d like a large order every week for the next 4 weeks you’d charge as you went and maybe you’d even offer to charge them afterwards? This is no different really.

Hope this helps.

In our area, there is a group of stations that is offering a deal to help local businesses advertise since they know our reciepts are down and they still need to make money flow.
They run an auction of gift certificates every so often. I provide them with $500.00 worth of certificates per auction, whatever they sell the certificates for, I get $500.00 credit towards advertising. Aditionally, they promote the auction and mention the vendors frequently so that is free air time. They also bring in potential new customers. I just finished my second run so I now have 1K in credit and am ready to start running a spot.
You may want to poke around and see what kind of things the stations in your area are doing because in hard times they need to agressively bring in customers just like we do.



i noticed that your emails aren’t going out as often anymore?

Maybe beef up the internet advertising?

Thanks Everyone,
I saw our local radio station rep in the restaurant last night and got 700.00 of a month for 3200 Spots! Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile: You guys rock. And yes, I’ve been slacking on my internet marketing, on it right now. Happy Fathers Day!

Willi pick up a copy of the “Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads” and have a read of the few chapters on radio advertising…It will give you some insight into scheduling so you get the most impact…What you do not want is for the station to schedule them at their convenience…Good luck…