Credit Card Machines

We have a trans 330 machine and we are having to batch our credit cards twice a day. I am told it is because of the memory in the machine and we need to buy a different machine.

Can anyone recommend where to buy a different machine and what kind?



Kris do you have a POS? If so I strongly reccomend integrating you credit card processing with your POS. I was shocked at how much easier it was when I did this and how I now never have orders leaving on delivery without the credit card slip. But as far as your machine “running out of memory”, something seems wrong with that. We regularly run well over 100 crdit card transactions a day and have never filled any machine to it’s capacity.

Hi Kris,

If you have next day funding with your current cc provider, that would explain the 2 batch per day scenario. The Trans 330 is a very old piece of equipment, which I don’t mean to say, that it isn’t working for you. I have several clients that are using Trans 330. The Trans is one of the terminals that is getting phased out due to PCI Compliance issues. The Trans that are currently being used are grandfathered in until they break, after that they won’t be supported. There are many people who are selling NON COMPLIANT terminals right now and they will not disclose to you that they aren’t compliant.
Before you purchase any terminal call your cc provider to make certain they will support the terminal you think you want to purchase. If you would like pricing on terminals from me you can reach me at

Best of Luck

I have a trans 330, no problems here I think your processor needs to make adjustments to the software they uploaded.
I would bet its NOT your machine

i have 2 verifone vx610 available for sale…we got a new POS and process on it now…these are wireless but can be used if you do not want to tie up a phone line…let me know if you are interested