Credit Card Merchants

Has anyone switched to Square or Intuit as their credit card vendor? I noticed with Square they offer a couple of different options for fees. A fixed fee of $275 per month and 0% per swipe or $0 per month and 2.75% per swipe. Intuit appears to offer $12.95 per month with 1.75% per swipe or 2.75% for keyed transactions.

That Square monthly structure is capped out at 150k per year or something like that.

I’ve used Square for quite some time & have not looked back…Square caps @ $275/month…i equip all my drivers with it too

The cap is 250k per year.

Leveling the playing field.
We don’t think small business should pay higher credit card rates than bigger merchants. So we created this first-of-its-kind monthly pricing plan. Get 0% processing per swipe or online sale for your first $250,000 in swiped or online transactions in a year. Process over $250k and you’ll simply pay 2.75% per swipe or online sale. With monthly pricing, the total amount in sales you swipe or accept online in a day is exactly the amount deposited in your bank account. What you swipe is what you get.

I stand, a bit corrected…

It looks like they have changed their rate & tier structure…but its still great works for me…

Holy cow, that would be half of what I am currently paying for online transactions!

How do I get Granbury/ to sign up to use the service?

Their service is great, I use it for my first business, and I’ve looked into it as our primary CC processor for this pizza venture, but I knew there was a cap.

I watched their video…for $275/month, you can run thru $21,000/month…when you exceed that, its 2.75% for each swipe…