Credit Card Percentage Fee Online orders

What are you guys paying in credit card percentage fees for online orders? My credit card in dining is sub 2.6%, however, online ordering uses a different processor and I’m at 3.8%. They are telling me its because online orders don’t have a physical card.

2.75% September (Online orders)

Sometimes its lower but this is average.

I used to pay 3.20% on average.

You’re definitely being taken advantage of.

I might be also.

My CC fees have been creeping up past few months. I was at an all time low of 2.25% on instore payments last yeat

9/21 my effective rate was 2.35%…the vast majority of those were online and card not present with the same processor.

What processor do you use?

we use Batchout…we switched to them about 2 yrs ago when we added EMV terminals

3.37 e-commerce and 2.81 brick & mortar with some keyed delivery orders. Heartland.


I use Hartland and I pay cost $.04 per transaction. They wack me 1.75% for card not present.

We don’t pay processing fees anymore, we put it on the customer. For years, we paid 3.2% on the in-house machine, and 3.8% for online orders. It was a bit scary when we switched to pushing the processing fee to the customer, we thought we might lose some, or people would complain. But over the last 2 years of having the customer pay the processing fee, we have only had 2 people complain, haven’t lost any customers due to it (to our knowledge, we’ve only gained more and more). After 2 years of doing this, we have saved over $20,000 that we have put back into marketing, employee bonuses, and improvements on the business.