Credit card processing...again

I searched in the archives and didn’t see any recent posts, like in years, so I am asking once again. What is everyone paying and is this a good offer I have been presented…currently on a 4 tier cost structure. I get this is not ideal. So I was approaced by my POS, TouchBistro, to quote the processing. They looked at and offered cost plus pricing. I get the difference in the pricing strategies and understand the difference and how each works. What I don’t know is what’s and actual good cost plus rate offer???

I have been offered 0.45% + 10 cents/transaction and $19.95/month service fee

I see a lot of posts on the past where they are getting 5 cents a transaction so it seems high but they were from 2017. Is 10 cents standard now? No one seems to talk about the cost plus percentage…is .45% a good rate? They have offered to provide 5 credit card readers the can do chip and tap for free with a 1 year commitment.

Would you all take it?

I wouldn’t. That pricing is interchange plus 45 basis points, plus 10 cents per transaction. I’m on interchange plus with 0 basis points and 5 cents per transactions. My effective rate hovers around 2.45-2.59 depending on card not present amounts vs card present that month

I agreed with Steve. I am paying cost plus $0.04