credit card processing loans

Any info on credit card processing loans where they take their payment from credit card sales at the end of the month?

Be ready to pay a huge “interest” rate. They don’t call it interest because their rates are so high to be illegal in some states. you may do better borrowing from a loan shark if you know you can pay it back.

Some states would call the interest paid “usury”. Most people here would call it “idiot tax”. Selling blood, loan sharks, investing in block cheese futures, crumpling up money to throw in the sewer all seem to rate higher in likelihood to help your business.

While I have not borrowed this way . . . neither have I heard of anyone anywhere saying anything positive about this concept or that it made their business wealthy. My first thought is that I would be hearing about it from each and every financial institution and financial advisory source if this were a great idea. My bank has never offered such a thing.