So I get a call from a regular saying a lunch he put on his corp card never hit his statement…I look up that day and find the charge and see that it was included in my batch…I have 3 terminals and every month I tie in my processors stmt into my bank account. Problem is I have been behind in my bookkeeping and have not been tieing in my individual batch reports to my processors statement and AMEX stmt.

Long story short…there was some type of clerical error by AMEX or my CC processor with regard to an invalid merchant number and the funds were not hitting my account. I have to call them in the AM and speak with a supervisor to straighten this HUGE mess.

Has anybody experienced anything like this? I am hopefull this will get resolved somehow, but I can’t understand how something like this happens (we are talking THOUSANDS of $$)

I reconcile my credit card settlements everyday. I pull up the bank account online and verify that the settlements that hit the previous day are the same as what was entered into Quickbooks (two days prior.)

I’ve never had a batch error in 3 years, and that includes Visa and MC, AMEX and Discover. I still verify it everyday though, along with every other transaction hitting the bank account.

I reconcile every day now. On the second month after opening, I thought I was getting shorted on my settlements. But then I realized that my Discover was being processed separately. Darn, I thought I was going to find some extra money (kind of like finding money that was left in my pants pocket) :roll: . Oh well, everything seems to check out fine.

I don’t get very many AMEX transactions, but just this week I discovered that 3 AMEX transactions that were in my CC Batch, were not deposit in my account. I haven’t done anything about it yet, but it is interesting that you are also having a problem with AMEX. Let me know what happens.

Amex was just recently modifying something about how their batches have to be processed, I think. I recall getting a required software update from my POS vendor, and separately (later) a letter regarding my need to upgrade from Amex. Then another one changing the deadline. I think…it’s all kinda blurry.