credit card processing

we are paying 2.3% plus 13.5 cents per transaction is that good? average?
supposedly 2.3% is the average interchange rate.

I’m paying cost plus 6 cents. With over 90% of my credit card sales being keyed rather than swiped, it works out to about 2.9% of my credit card sales. Using your numbers with my ticket average, I would be at about 3.2%. Chances are you swipe a lot higher percentage than me so you can probably do better.

Who do you use?

Heartland. I would ask for cost plus pricing from anyone you’re getting quotes from. If you’re “average” interchange rate is 2.3% why wont they offer you a direct pass through of interchange rates and make it clear what their profit is with the “plus” amount.

Paul what is your opinion of Square was considering it because I am paying 3.3 with chargeitpro and firstdata and square is only 2.75% and you can have drivers download the app to their phone & and you can password it so they can’t change anything on it


Square works for me…and if your volume is great enough, it caps at $275/mo…

All my drivers log out a reader & i’veyet to haveanyone complain or have had a chargeback in over 3 years…

That is what I figured my sales are small but the $275 a month for up to 21K is great I only do about 8K a month right now but that if it grows its easy to switch plans