credit card processors

Hi All -

Does anyone have a credit card processor that they really like? We are in the Dallas area and are shopping our rates around. As important as the interchange and processing fees are, we are also looking for someone that has a cut off time as late as possible and offers next day funding (i.e. charges processed at 10pm on a Monday have funds available on Tuesday).

Let me know what you all think…we are currently using Merit Card Systems.


We like Heartland quite a bit. Honestly, I would not trade a high transaction rate for one day at the bank. If your money is that tight, you need to focus on cash flow management beyond getting your credit card receipts the next day.

I don’t think your going to get anything better then the Standard 2-3 Business days for deposit of funds. My thursday, Friday, & Saturday transactions show up on Monday Morning in my bank acct. Get yourself into Interchange plus pricing. You’ll save a ton of money.

I was going to switch to Heartland as well but gave my current company Heartlands rates, and they matched them. So, i did’nt have to cut my contract short with them and pay $300. :roll:

I’ve heard bank of america will match any printed rates and can fund next day. I’m looking at it…

Hi I wanted to let you know that I have a merchant that I refer my customers to and I know he is really good.
I sell gift cards and keytags and work with about every merchant out there. For the customer service and the prices,
he is the best I have to deal with, and I don’t even get any kind of kick back for anything. :slight_smile:
He usually charges $15 per location and I think .12 per transaction. Its only a transaction if you are putting money on or off the cards. Let me know if you want his information.
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