credit card scam thru relay call

they tried to scam us at work last nite!!it has been a while but we used to get this call at work about once a month, but not anymore till yesterday.what hapens is they use a relay call which is what deaf people use ,in this case to place an order for food.they type on thier computer to an operator and the operator reads back to me what they typed and types my reply back to them.well this person (sam parker) wanted 150 xl pepperoni pizzas for his sons birthday party.first he asked the price of one then told me he needed 150 of them.well it must have been for some hell of a party because we have never sold more then 120 pizzas at a time and that was for a school event,so a huge crowd.he wanted to prepay by credit card and a courrier of his choice would have picked up the pizzas on a certain date.I dont know exactly how they would have gotten the money but I would have been stuck with all those pizzas and thousands of dollars scamed.since I knew the deal I started messing with them asking if he would like to add 60 orders of breadsticks or perhaps 40 2 liters.I also asked if he was related to peter parker,but he said no.after that I hung up.does anyone know how they would have gotten that money from the credit card transaction?I am sure it has hapened to other pizza places any of you one of them?

When we got a call from them they wanted us to add the charge from the shipping company plus a tip for the driver to the credit card they were giving us. I think it would have worked out to be about $300 or $400.

I’ve had this one, they always want a couple hundred dollars added on and given to the person that picks it up as a tip or a delivery fee. Then the transaction will get declined. Next time I get this, I’m taking it and acting like I think it’s a legit deal. Then I’ll have the police dept. waiting for them when they come to pick it up.

guys this is how it works they want a price for pizzas (it doesnt matter what the price is) they will take it then they say that they want you to run the card and wire them the diff so that they can cover the price of “their” pickup service
the card will process because it is a stolen card then when you send them the over money you will get hit back in about a week the chargeback and the food cost. that is if you are crazy enough to fall for this scam they have tried 4 times with me once they were on 2 lines at the same time i just hung up on both. there was a shop in the town north of us that actually fell for it.


This has been going on for a while, what they do is say that their representative or someone picking up the order needs cash for some upfront expense. They then ask the person to run the cc for an extra $$$ amount and that they will be in to pick up the $ a few days before the order. Unfortunately some people fall to the greed of the big order and do what is asked. Of course no one comes in to pick up the order and the cc is stolen. I am a franchisee, and I have heard that a couple of my fellow operators were actually taken by this scam. I have gotten the phone call and called the police to see if they wanted to try and catch the guy. They told me no citing jurisdiction rules about where the call was coming from, interstate commerce, etc. I think they believe it is too much work for such a small $ amount(to them).

Just remember if an order is too good to be true then it usually is!

We get this one from time to time, last time it was a slow night so i asked the operator if she wanted to play with them, she was game. I kept adding more stuff and offering to do more for them and giving really positive responses. Even told them how our sales were down and this one deal would make my week. Then when they started talking about running the card I told them that they could run the card when they got here for the balance but I would need a cash deposit of 25% for an order of this size from a first time customer. They threatened to cancel the order. I told them that would probably be best because the police were to busyto deal with them anyway.


We get a call every month on this scam if we are slow i usually will go threw the whole deal with them and i take the cc information i tell them im running the card when im not i then tell them it was declined they usually have several cards i tell them after they give me each card they are declined they get mad and hang up.

This has happened to us too…now we just hang up…when we first opened we didnt have a clue…we just thought it was so strange…they said they heard about us and wanted pizza for there birthday party…but the thing that we didnt get was they were like 2 states over…hmmm…anyways we were dumb and ran there card…it was declined like 3 times…thankfully or we would have been one of the stupid people that got scammed…:(…then we investigated a little more afterwards and found other story’s like this… so now we know…but its kinda a crazy thing…I wonder how many times it actually works for them??

I have a question. In all the times they have called, I only played with them a couple of times and never got to the logistics of how I was supposed to give them money. Do they actually send someone to your store to get the cash or do they want you to wire the money to their delivery agent person? I always thought this was an offshore scam but they sounded like the guy was gonna pick up the cash.

Yes, if they get they the card to go thru they ask you to wire the tip/service fee money to some fake delivery service.

We almost got to this point a couple of years ago when they conned a new manager. Luckily he didn’t know how to add in the service fee on the computer system and called me on it.

I spoke with a relay operator once that said she spends 70% of her time relaying these scam calls. They are required, by law, to only pass along exactly what is typed. They can not interfere or tell somebody that they are being targeted in a scam and they are not allowed to ever discuss the contents of any relay, even if they believe a crime is being committed.

Just wondering if anyone around here has been scammed by this?

I would be so ticked…

They called us today also

I hung up

True. When I started talking to the operator she stopped me and said she could only communicate what I had to say to the caller and what the caller had to say to me. Even when I told her that this guy was trying to scam me she wouldn’t respond and then repeated what her duty and obligation was.