credit card scams

got a call this morn…guy claims to be in hospital w/lung cancer and cant talk so att provides a service for deaf and mute people where they type and the att person speaks for them…so the guy wants to order 120 lg pies for his moms party…i tell him 10.99 each lil over $1400…he tells me w/out hesitation to run his card and add $1000 for a private compamy to pick up and deliver to order total of $2400 and i would pay the delivery driver the $1000…i’m getting very leery and tell the guy my shops to small to handle 120 pies…he say make it 75 pies and enough salad for 200 people and insists i run his card and add $1000 for his delivery guy…i tell the att girl this is a scam and hang up…any of you ever get a call like this?../guy gave a name of s.williams…i’m thinking he wanted to run a stolen card thru me…any thoughts?

Just a new twist on a very tired scam. This is used regularly for cars/boats. Usually done with a fraudulent cashiers check instead of a credit card, but nonetheless, same scam.

You should have told him sure, no problem.

Then when they guy showed up to deliver, tell him it will be another 30 minutes before they are ready. Maybe even have an envelope stuffed with paper laying near the counter that said “$1000 for driver” on it.

Then just keep telling the guy it will be another 30 minutes.

Oh, and of course you will have called the police to come and have a chat with him…

Yeah, seen this one here at my current store too, I’m just surprised he didn’t ask you to deliver them to Nigeria…that’s where this scam seems to be most prevelant.

Had this happen here a couple weeks too. Ordering 150 cheese pizzas for his Dad’s birthday party and didn’t ask for a discount, gave it away pretty fast. Wanted to add another $600 to pay the “delivery agent”. I offered to deliver them personally for free for that size of order, but that I was required to get his signature and verify the card…I was quickly informed by the operator that we had been disconnected.

just tried this on me

This exact scam shows up in my email virtually every time I post something on Craigslist.

This scam was actually going around the pizza places in our town a few weeks ago.

I hope this happens again to me, I’m taking the order and waiting to see who shows up. Local PD is 1/2 a block east and Sheriff is a block South.

You could have told him “yeah OK sure give me your #” then have the police pick up the driver.

What on earth does him being in the hospital have anything to do with it ? Is that to hide the accent?

They always have some excuse for using the operators assistance. They actually enter chat through a website with the operator and the operator calls you, that way nobody can trace the phone number.

I had the same thing happen to me about 6 months ago, I told the guy I couldn’t handle the order and eventually hung up. Why can’t people get real jobs…


I’ve gotten this one about 10 times over the past 3 or 4 months. If it’s slow my GM usually keeps them on the phone for about an hour for fun.

Still going. They tried this last night at one of our stores. This one was; deaf guy ordering 100 pizzas for sons birthday, overcharge the credit card $700 and then mail a money gram to St Louis.

tried on me a couple weeks ago i tried to alert fellow small shops in nearby town they didnt seem to care

They tried this 4 times so far this week.

I got the calls 3 times last week, what’s really annoying is that I do have a deaf customer that uses this service, so I have to listen to the whole introduction thing to make sure it’s not him.