Credit card tips distribution

Hello Think Tank!

I am wondering if folks would share with me how you handle tip distribution from collected credit card tips? We are a counter service operation and everyone working is cross trained on every position. We have a tip pool and all tips are split evenly between everyone. I’m looking specifically for a system or formula for how you figure out who gets what and then how and when you distribute? Thanks!

We made a spreadsheet. Each employee gets a share based upon how many hours they worked

We split counter tips at the end of shift among employees in the kitchen. We are a del/co and our cooks handle counter. If a kitchen worker helps run deliveries that night they traditionally don’t expect a share of the tip jar. That rule is theirs not mine, but I agree with it.

So if an employee works a bigger night shift that brings in more tips, they receive the same amount as someone who may have worked the same amount of hours during a slower part of the day? Thanks again!

We pay CC tips on the paycheck. Total CC tips for the pay period divided by the total number of hours worked excluding drivers (who get their own tips). Comes out to an amount per hour. So yes, if they worked the same number of hours they get the same amount of tips. All evens out over time.

Cash tips are divided every night.

Thank you!

Yes, that’s correct. We don’t penalize because less people tipped during their shift. We mix the cash and CC tips and they get cash in their paycheck envelope. Taxes deducted
We made an exception last monday. (Hurricane Harvey Shift 10:30 AM - 1 PM) We opened for carryout for 2½ hours and the four employees that came and helped me split $240 in tips.