Credit cards and debit cards

Which merchant are you all using for your credit card services. I found one company online called vantage and they look very competitive. who do you all use?

THere are thousands of companies out there. Beware of all the hidden fees which will make that low % look very attractive, and beware of the early termination fee.

RBS Lynkman specializes on pizzerias and restaurants and offers very competitive rates .

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I would be happy to help anyone that needs it.

Yes, our rates are competitive and our Customer service is Second to NONE.

Analysis’ are done for FREE! The results could add Hundreds if not thousands to your bottom line. The decision to put money in your pocket is yours and yours alone.

Send me an email or give me a call, I am more than willing to help those who need it and want it.

Big Mike, it really depends on the vloume of business you expect versus the size of each order. The higher each purchase and the larger the volume the cheaper the rates and processing fees.

just make sure you get ALL THE EQUIPMENT for FREE , NO STATEMENT FEEs, NO Batching Fees. The processors use these items to make up on the dicsount they give you! :x
(credit cards should be 1.2-2.0% , and slightly higher for debit and copr cards)

Good luck and if you have a hard time finding a processor please email or PM me and I will give you my processors name and number !

IF you are paying a slightly HIGHER fee for Debit/Check Cards you NEED to look for a different Processor. The interchange rate on Debit is a full 1/2 percent lower than Credit. Sounds like all that “FREE” stuff is not so Free after all.

In My experience Pizza Restaurants run between 50% to 75% Check Cards.

I have RBSLynx (not through Scott, but same company) and I would have to disagree with debit being cheaper after we were told it was. We have since stopped debit and just credit only…the reason had to do with check averages and your average ticket must be $23 or more in order to see a cost savings…does this make any sense to you Scott b/c I was sworn to that debit would save me a ton of $$, but after 3 months I noticed I did not save any and actually paid more

Nothing against Scott or RBS, because I am actually happy with them…there are some really bad companies so be careful and stay away from CYNERGY DATA (CROOKS!).

You are correct! Depending upon how you are priced the PIN Debit “Breakeven” point is about $25.

In other words, if the transaction is less than $25 it is less expensive to run the card through the Visa/MC network. If the transaction is higher than $25 then PIN Debit will save you money. The higher the transaction the more savings you will realize.

I price Pizza Restaurants, and all Rest., with Cost Plus Pricing aka Interchange Plus. This is the absolute best way to be priced (and also the hardest to explain).

Simply put Cost Plus is a TRUE wholesale pricing plan where we pass along to the Merchant the Actual wholesale cost that WE (RBS Lynk) owe the issuing Bank and then charge (the Plus) a transaction fee to handle the Money.

Believe it or not a huge portion of your overall bill goes to the Banks that issued the card and not the processor.

If anyone needs more clarification on Cost Plus and how it can save you money please send me an e-mail or give me a call and I will be happy to do an analysis for you.


Thanks for giving me an honest answer…by the way I am on a cost plus program of $.08

I wish I was informed of this fact beforehand…it woulda saved alot of time and I think MOST pizzerias would have check averages less than $25 which would not benefit them to process debit

It is too broad a statment to say debit will save you money…it did not for me and unless your average ticket is over $25 it probably will not for you…you are just making the banks more money!!
I get freakin’ people that wanna charge a damn slice on their card :evil: but we enforce an imposed minimum (i know not supposed to but I have not seen any credit card police lately)

Good thing you are signed in annonymously. This sort of thing can get around and cause issues :slight_smile: We follow the absolute letter of the agreement we have with our provider to the best of our understanding of it. Just ask us and we we will tell you we do.