Credit Cards

Has anyone considered to only accept credit cards as payment for delivery orders? Just curious. I have not heard of anyone doing it yet, but watching someone try to make change even when a computer screen is telling them the amount to give back. I can only imagine that it is next to impossible for some people to do it on the fly while standing at the door.

What is everyone’s thought?

Drivers either learn really fast how to add correctly at the door or they quit because they are losing money. If you can not do basic math without a computer i do not want you as an employee who handles money anyways.

we did it in the beginning as a way to prevent any "prank"orders but realized that there were actually some people that preferred to pay cash and it was an inconvenience for them so we now allow both…have not had any problems since then and if I can pocket the additional 2.5% so be it…agreed basic math is a prerequisite for employment

I would rather go the other way and only accept cash if my customers would cooperate. It seems that every month we are getting a higher percentage of CC sales. My monthly merchant account fees now would pay the mortgage on a small rental house and they (Visa, MC etc) do nothing to enhance the product or service. When you get right down to it, all you are doing is passing a small amount of data through their computer network and for this they take about 20% of your take home pay from that order.

I ran a full year without accepting cc/debit cards,
It amazes me that some people do not have as little as $20.00 in their pocket. We had many people just turn around and leave when they learned no CC accepted. So we were basically forced to accept cards, and we have days where 90% of our sales are on plastic.
Checks, in 7 years we’ve only had one come back NSF, and it was $27.00 from a local business,