Credit Cards

No way to tell if your getting “Hosed” without analyzing a statement!?
I can do an analysis for you if you want me to…simply Fax a current statement to 512 287 4876 along with an email address and I will send you a side by side Breakdown.

As for POS, the software uses PCCharge as a Module for processing Cards. It works best on DSL but dial-up is an option. We are certified on PCCharge.


Can you verify that when you manually input a transcation with a 3 or 4 digit VCC code it does NOT give you a lower rate. I thought all along that was the whole point, but I was told that the only thing that does is help with chargebacks but nothing to do with getting a better rate on those transactions…is this true?


That is correct. The CVV (Card Value Verification) code is simply a “Red Flag” code for MOTO transactions. If the code matches you can be fairly certain the person giving you the number ACTUALLY has the card in their hand and it is not a stolen card, otherwise, if it doesn’t match, then you have the option to not make the delivery and face a potential Chargeback.

Address Verification Service, aka AVS, is the one that will give you a Better Rate. If the address/Zip code matches the billing Zip Code for the card, the phone order (hand-keyed) transaction only downgrades to Mid Qualified instead of Non Qualified.

AVS and CVV are used to help fight Fraud.

thanks for the clarification

I just met with a rep from Heartland yesterday, we’re 50% counter sales and 50% phone sales with an average ticket of slightly over $20…
He said that any ticket under $14.99, it’s cost +.04, $15 and over is cost +.06

ResortPizza, being we are neighbours, I have priced out all the processors I could find. The best I could get was by joining the Restaurant Association and using their member benefits with global payments.

Let me know if you need any more info.

canuckfanlady how do their rates compare with the Chamber of Commerce plan?..Joining the chamber also gives you other benefits and networking opportunity…

I found the Canadian Ferderation of Independant Businesses was my best rate.

I am a member of cfib, what is their rate? I know it’s chase, paymentech, but not their rate i just joined a month ago