Phone call tonight

Male: “What time do you close tonight?”
Me: “9 o’clock”
Male: “Ok, is that blond working?”
Me: "Who?
Male: “I don’t know, that little blond that works there.”
Me: “Why do you ask?”
Male: “I was just wandering.”
Me: “I don’t help people with their hook ups over the phone. Have a good night.”

What really bothers me is that he was asking what time we closed…i.e. when she would be leaving in the dark and walking to her car. Seems like there is always something new to worry about. I’m tempted to post a nice personal ad on craigslist using his phone number…something really embarrassing in the men seeking men category.

Keep the phone number (for quite a while)

We had a guy call for MONTHS harassing our “girl” staff.

With the help of the phone company (and for a fee) we were able to block his blocked phone numbers. After a few days he would call from a new number (blocked of course) but eventually stopped calling.

Ever since then our store policy is to get a number on any blocked call and call back with a total. (We tell the customer we will call them back with total that way they know to answer) If they don’t answer we don’t deliver it.

Save the number. Remind staff we don’t give out ANY personal information to anyone!

Creepy… :evil:


Re: A PM I Received

I felt like this was a scenario that should be presented to the board to encourage discussion and staff awareness.

"Thanks for the response, it’s cool that you show concern for one of my employees even though it doesn’t affect your life. Our store is half a block West of the Police Dept. and a block from the Sheriffs Dept. and both use our ally frequently to their stations. I’m lucky to have that with this situation. My employee also lives in the dorms on campus, which are very secure. I have a few young men that I knew before we bought our shop working for me and I know they will keep a close eye on things for me. We’re a tight family and my boys are going to get a full briefing on the situation.

The phone number is recorded and I am going to have my day manager review the caller ID every morning for awhile looking for that caller. She will be closely guarded, I can guarantee you that. My conundrum is whether I should tell her about the situation, or just set up a “silent” body guard program and see if he continues his advances.

Should have told him she was working in the kitchen tonight and at least made a few bucks and got a visual on the young man."

I would recommend not playing with this too far. I would think I would certainly notify your local PD of the call, and the concerns it pulled up. Usually our instincts are correct.

Yes, let this young lady know. She may need to take precautions of her own when not in your store. College campuses can draw some awful colorful folk…not all with good intentions. I don’t know if there is such a thing as over-reacting here.

I’m going to have to agree on the PD thing. Just run it by them and see what they say.

Also, I made it a point at the place I managed to see that every employee made it to their car and leave after close. Had one waitress that was just too friendly with everyone that tended to park near the alley behind the bar next door. I walked to her car at the end of her shifts, open or not, if it was dark out. If any employee wanted someone to walk them out, we did it. In my eyes, its just one more thing to show the employees you care about them.