Crew Shirts

Does anyone supply their staff with shirts?..If so, what kind?..Are they embroidered or screen printed?..I have a client asking about low end shirts and that is not a place I have been before…Your comments would be appreciated…Thanks…RCS…

We provide our staff with scree printed t-shirts. currently we use for these at under $4 each for 2 color printing front and back. Will soon have my own screenprinting company and will make our own. Referals always appreciated!

We give staff printed shirts. 3 per person. If they loose them, they have to pay to have them replaced. I think it works to help brand my store.

We do a short sleeve polo shirt with logo and phone number on right chest. $13.50
Everyone must wear a baseball cap as well. $4.25
We supply two shirts and a hat to new employees. If lost or damaged they have to buy a new one.
We also supply winter jackets and wool caps that have logo and phone number as well.

We order through Light Brothers out of Pittsburgh, Pa.

I use tshirts with our logo emrodierd on it each staff gets 3 cost is about 8.00 each tax in

I did some looking last summer for screen printed shirts. The best price I could find was from Bluewater Graphics out of Saskatoon. Cost per shirt was $7.84 tax and shipping to my store included.

I hope this helps.

We provide our staff with screenprinted t-shirts, and have some on hand for retail sale and giveaways. We give them one for each day they generally work, so 3 to 5 each. we will replace once a year. It is an incredibly inexpensive way to give added employee value without having to pop for more cash.

We also give one pair of kitchen shoes to start. Except for the guy with a size 14! I cannot find a safeTstep shoe in his size.

That’s awesome! Thanks - our T-shirts run us $10 each for shirt and screenprinting white only. Plus it runs 2-3 weeks to get an order completed.

PERSONALLY, I feel embroidered shirts “look” better than screen prints. I’d rather have polo style than t-shirts as well.

If you’re catering to the $5 large crowd, then t-shirts seem appropriate. If you’re trying to reach a higher-end group, especially with dine-in, I’d definitely pay more for the polo type shirts. I’m feel the same way about the foam-front caps vs cloth ones.