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I worked with a FISH oven a year ago and the cook time was around 8 minutes.

One thing I think I can say for sure, and that is “The pizza in the attached photograph was not baked in a Middleby-Marshall PS-360 over at 560F for 7-minutes!” That pizza is WAAAYYY too light.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

It was. MM360Q but I thought the same thing. Dough was getting on in age, though. Oven was set at 7 minutes and I pushed it back at least a minute! I took a pic of the time/temp settings. I thought the outer portion of the pizza was odd in its “lightness”

I’m going to drag my butt down to a test kitchen where they have a new wow oven. Gonna go with fresh dough…well, not 10 days old… and the disc and see what I can do. I was there a few weeks ago and did test bakes but the dough was 8 hours old and I had no HB discs then. Tom… if you have start points with the wow, that’d be greatly appreciated. When I did them previously, we cranked the bottom temps to 90%, I believe.

Top and bottom temperatures on the WOW are the same like any other air impingement oven you can adjust the airflow between top and bottom but not temperature.
For the WOW oven I would set the temperature at 490F and initial bake time at 4.5-minutes to benchmark from and then make final adjustments as needed. If you are going to be using the Hearth Bake Disk do NOT include and sugar, egg, or milk in the dough formula.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Tom,

What is the normal pizza finger configuration? I use Edge 60 ovens I’m running them at 460 degrees for 8:10 minutes, finger profile is closed, closed, closed, finish and I’m cooking on screens. My pizzas come out well done which is what I was looking for but most of my complaints are that they are overcooked. I wanted to try to scale it back a bit but I don’t want to start getting a gum line or that chewy characteristic. Do you have any suggestions?

Remember that baking is only one part of the crispy equation, the other, equally important parts are fermentation, absorption and formulation. In short, 48 to 72-hours fermentation time, hand opened skin, 65% absorption and no sugar, milk, or eggs in the dough formulation.
Then too, if you are REALLY looking for crispiness maybe you are trying to get it from the wrong type of pizza, the place where crispy lives is in the world of thin crispy and cracker type crusts. I believe I have a cracker type crust dough formula and procedure posted in the RECIPE BANK if you want to see what it looks like. Typically it’ll be around 45% absorption, 1.5-minutes TOTAL mixing time, and 24 to 48-hours of fermentation time combined with an air impingement oven bake at 475F for about 7.5-minutes on a common pizza screen or Hex Disk.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

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Hello this is about my first post here, and I,ve got a question Mr dough doctor , why not use sugar while using heart bake discs ?

Current setup
Double stack Lincoln 1116
475F at 5:45 min/sec
Dough @ 46% humidity