Crispier crust with conveyor?

I have conveyor oven and currently use semolina flour. what other maybe more course flours or maybe not a flour at all or maybe a blend of different flours can I use to achieve crispier crust?
does anyone doing any other style of pizza out of conveyor? like a Detroit style or mamas or Sicilian? I tried and they just didn’t come out right … are those thicker crust pizza can be made only out of decks or is someone willing to share their process? I don’t mind to double bake it or parbake ahead … my current set up is that only last top finger is open…

I tried straight semolina in my normal dough process and it was awful.

Your bottom fingers aren’t open at all?

I can’t speak to regular use, but I’ve experimented making dough with less sugar, and using Lloyd’s Pans baking discs and the crust was quite crispy. What is your dough recipe? What temp is your oven at? How long is it being baked?

I make Detroits/Grandmas all day in my Edge 60. Not sure what your hydration% is but I swapped out the water for a wheat beer (Gumball Head from 3 Floyds) and it’s crazy crisp, travels well, and the crust color is amazing!