Anybody out there used Crispit? This, from what I have heard is an additional ingriedient used to keep pies and zones from getting soggy w/out changing flavor profile.

I used to use it then I found out Japanese bread crumbs will do the same thing.

what are those

What is the process of using the bread crumbs? Do mix them into the dough or sprinkle in onto the veggies? I am thinking about trying to do this also.

Also, the bread crumbs are called Panko.

Crispit is sprinkled on top of the sauce or cheese, has no taste just soaks up excess water. Good for a bunch of items. We use it a little. What are the other ones on here? Cheaper? crispit can get pricey.

I use Crispit too… but only when I have a pie with more then 3 liquidy toppings on it. I’ve had this 1 bag for about 2 months and am only 2/3 the way through it.

Hey guys…I’m going to try the Panko for my veggie pizzas…is there a ratio for usage.


Ditto. Think I will try this as well with our veggie pizzas and see how it goes. Anyone know about how much to use for different sizes?

Interesting, I’m going to have to try this out.

Not sure I quite understand how this works. The “water” has to go somewhere - I assume into the bread crumbs - so now you have a pizza with “not as soggy” crust, but that has mushy bread on top of the toppings?

If your having moisture problems, why not make yourself a cut/drain pan? We made one using a 18” deep dish pan and a perforated lid. Cut your pie in half, raise the two sides a little to drain the liquid to center, then slide it into the box and finish cutting it. Worked great for us! I saw Japanese bread crumbs at GFS this morning, 25# bag for $38.