Crispy/Crunchy Impinger Thin Crusts

Hey all,

I’m testing a bar style pie (similar to colony grill) and trying to figure out how to get that sort of very thin, very rigid crust. I don’t have the impinger yet (and before I purchase, I want to make sure it can create the product I’m looking for.) I’m flirting with a few ideas…

Oil in pan or no oil in pan? I know Tom was a big proponent of oil giving very crispier crusts, and at high temps the pan can almost act like a mini fryer for the pizza?

I’m finding when I bake hotter using other methods, I get less crunch/rigidity and more flex (like a NY slice.) So debating whether to try baking at a much lower temp to give the crust some more structure…in an impinger, that might be 440 or 450?

I’d love to hear some thoughts from people doing a crispy thin crust pie in a conveyor.

We run around 445 for about 6:30. Lower temp, longer bake should produce what you’re looking for

use a sheeter and play with how many ounces of dough you use

Thanks for the insight - this pie is a very particular thickness so my hands are tied with the dough weight (it’s a very, very thin pie.) I will play with a sheeter, though!