crispy crust in edge oven

Looking to crisp my crust. I use edge conveyors. Anyone have any tips?. Straight from the oven it’s slightly crisp but changes in moments.

I use a MM 360 conveyor and have a cracker crust. Key is a room temp ferment for 12-24 hours for me. There is another thread Cracker Crust or something along the lines of that and it helped me out recently.

Also, regardless of who made the oven, with air impingement ovens the temptation is to bake the pizzas too fast. Try slowing the oven down to around 5.5-minutes or even 6-minutes and adjusting the temperature accordingly (typically around 475F). A number of years ago I worked with Lloyd Pans to develop a baking disk that was designed for use in air impingement oven to impart a hearth baked characteristic to the finished crust. These are referred to as their Hearth Bake Disks. To use the disk, delete and milk, sugar or eggs from the dough formulation, set your oven temperature at 500F and the time at 4.5-minutes to bench mark. Make further adjustments to the baking time as needed to get a strong bake to the bottom of the crust without burning the rest of the pizza. The solid, non-perforated edge on these disks are designed to protect the edge of the dough during baking to prevent the development of a “pizza bone” (hard over baked crust edge) during baking.
If you still don’t see any improvement let us know what your top and bottom finger profiles are. Years ago I worked here in the Think Tank with a young fellow who could not get his “new” Lincoln air impingement oven to bake a crispy pizza, no matter what we did, we could not get a crispy crust. As things turned out, the oven was not really “new” but was new to him as he bought it from a used equipment supplier as a “pizza” oven. A check with Lincoln on the serial number revealed the truth. The oven was originally sent from the factory with a proprietary finger profile develpoed specifically to bake fish, not pizza. Moral of the story, while it might look like a pizza oven, don’t always bet on it if you didn’t buy it from a very reputable dealer or new from the manufacturer.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Good post Tom. I get a crispy crust at 475 F for 7 mins flat. If more than a couple toppings, I take it off the perforated pan and add it back to the oven for 2 more mins. If an additional 3 mins in the oven adds infinite quality to my product, I’m doing it.

Thank you sir

thanks for this thread. I am switching over from my Rotoflex to a double stack of Edge wide body 60’s next month and stressing about this. We test baked a 7:00 cook time at 495 with great results. We use hard coat anodized pans from Chicago Metalcraft so I am wondering if I should get rid of the eggs we add to our dough based on what Tom says.