Crispy crust turns uncrispy very quick

Hey guys

I have a double deck Blodgett 461p. I have it set at 550 degrees. I use the dough recipe that Tom Lehmann suggest. And after about 6-8 minutes the pizza is very crispy. a couple minutes out of the oven, whether it sits in a box or on cut peel, the crust has gone very limp. I can’t figure out why. Can anyone explain why?

The reason the crust is going limp is the steam that is coming off the pizza. The best way that I have found to slow this process is placing the pizza on something that will allow the steam to escape for in-house I have found the Pizza Pleezers [/URL]serving trays work well and for deliveries I use [URL=‘’]Perfect Crust liners in the box. I also place the boxes waiting to be picked up or delivered on wire shelves to allow the steam a place to escape.

Is it going limp after you cut it or uncut? Otherwise, everything Daddio is saying is true.

Even before cutting the crust will soften if left on a peel or cutting board or even in the pan. I try and make the transition from the oven to the box a quick as possible to avoid this.

Thanks Daddio and Joe. I did’nt even think of the steam. I am sure thats it, thanks. I have been using the corrugated liners that PFG sells, they are only .03 cents each, I was hoping that would help. I am aware of the perfect crust liners, but they are .10 to .15 cents each. Daddio do you think perfect crust lines are worth it. My customers love the crispy crust. I will work on getting the pizza in the box faster.

Also I store the pizza on top of the oven. I guess I need get some kind of wire rack, like out of my residential oven and put it on top the Blodgett.

Hey Joe the pizza is uncut setting on the cut peel. I pull the pizza out of the oven very crispy. Take or finish a phone call and come back a minute or two later and the crust is just a limp noodle.

To me they are worth the extra. You make the effort to have the best pizza you can, so why not keep it as high quality as possible?

I have been using them since they were introduced at Pizza Expo a few years ago. Being so far north and remote I buy a years supply at a time.

I recently had a new customer call back after they got their pizza to tell me I was their new shop and that “the nice little liner was one of the reasons”.