Crispy dough for delivery

Names Maz from England . Been in pizza delivery business for 6 years and since I had a chance to read PMQ and communicate with dough dr just realize how far I am to deliver perfect pizza to my costumer . This is how I make my dough now days but I’m working hard to get the perfect pizza . it’s crispy when’s out of conveyor oven but when boxed for delivery it’s turns disaster , not crispy at all, it’s soggy , it’s hard on crust and no wonder I’m struggling with competition .
So here’s how I make it :
10 kg flour
6 litter water ( goes first with salt ) water temp is 21-23 c
8oz salt
0.3 oz fresh yeast ( on top of flour )
Start mixing around 15 minute
4oz olive oil at the end of mixing
Then it’s straight in fridge for over night approx 16-18 hour rest
Then out of fridge for 30 minute to room temp
Then shape it into ball and flat then with dough roller
Cover the pan with lids for 2 hours then back in fridge and ready to bake at 230c for 6:30 minute
So please if anyone could help me to find a solution for baking better pizza for my customer I’d really appreciate it .
Maz - England

Its a nice Dough making recipe at home. I really appreciate it because its simple and easy to use. - a trick I use to get a crispy bottom, when preparing the dough to go into the oven dust it with this , it absorbs the moisture, try it on a small batch and see if you get what you want.