Crispy dough for pizza

How to make the dough crispy when its cooked
Sometimes its seems soggy
Even we bring the pizza dough on room temperature before cooking it

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Usually you can increase your hydration to get the dough crisper. What is your current hydration percentage?

57.6% at the moment for the dough we make

If you can try a smaller batch and bump it up 62 see if that works for ya

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I don’t know your climate. Does it change much over the course of the year? If so, changes in temperature or humidity could be a factor. We have big swings in both where we are, so adjusting time or temperature each month is what we do.

Stick an instant read thermometer in the crust as soon as you take the pizza out. Should be 96-98C. Higher will create hard pizza. Lower will be gummy. Adjust oven time or oven temperature accordingly.

Temperature always weird in Melbourne
3 days hot summer and 4 days winter.
Always a mix pf hot and cold weather in summer.

If your climate varies that much, you may need to change the temperature of your water every day. You stick a thermometer in your flour to determine its temperature and adjust the temperature of your water to compensate.

Another option is to keep the temperature of your flour constant. I have never tried this myself, but I once met another pizzeria owner that kept all his flour refrigerated so that the temperature would be more constant. He compensated by using warmer water.

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Adjusting temperature really worked

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