Critique my new web site!

I’m in the final stages of putting my wbsite together and would appreciate any feedback on it before I give the designer her final payment … any comments this week would be greatly appreciated. Don’t worry about punctuation and/or text alignment … those things will be taken care of when I get together with her for a few hours of training me to make future minor changes.


PS Let me know if the last couple FAQs are going a little too far.

A few comments - please take them in the manner they are intended - to help.

  • overall a classy look - maybe a little too busy???
  • where’s your phone number? - looks like the only number on the front page belongs to your web designer. Needs to be really prominent.
  • hope your web designer is paying you for advertising on your home page? get it off the home page and leave it on the contact us.
  • after looking at your site the link to your printable menu is really tatty - you need it to be in the same format else it really devalues the whole thing
  • video - two guys in t-shirts/jeans tossing dough? doesn’t match the classy quality feel of the overall site - get some uniform/apron etc or a video of the food
  • FAQ - I’d also loose or re-word the first question about why are you so expensive? Maybe - “I hear you pizza’s are bigger than most other pizza shops?” also the other questions don;t match the feel of the site - i.e. counter girls etc. If you want a hunour site then it should all be in humour not just FAQ.
  • As you say layout of text (especially on menu/prices) needs some work.
  • text in specials under did you know doesn’t make any sense - and don’t know the competition - just not classy
  • VIP area - whats it all about?? needs some explanation.

As I say overall quite a classy look just need a bit of work to pull it all together.

Hope these comments help.


The site does look classy. But the grammatical errors make it hard to follow.

-You should lose the video or put the guys in uniform with aprons. Maybe show them saucing and cheesing instead of tossing. Toss number one seems like he’s wrestling with it. Toss number two he catches it into his shirt, yuck !

-On the specials page: The ‘Did you know ?’ section doesn’t make sense. The 20" pie says $13.99 on top and then $12.99 in the description. I like the playfulness used in the special descriptions.

The Website is cool…I like it.
Definitely get rid of the 1st faq.
When did 11.99 become expensive for a 16’’ cheese???

Thanks for the feedback so far!!! Just to answer a few … Not having the phone # on the front page is definitely a “slap the forehead, how can I be so stupid” moment. I also need to talk to my designer about having such a large ad on the front page - wouldn’t mind having something small up front and moving the big ad to the “contact us”. I also know what you meant about the printable menu, but if it’s in the same format (black background), I’m afraid of p1ssing a lot of people off when they try to print it (it does me when I print something that uses that much black ink!). Good idea on the 1st FAQ - just because that’s how I hear it doesn’t mean that’s how I have to word it! The specials page is definitely screwed up - I don’t think she could copy in the format I sent her (obscure desktop publishing program of mine)- would prefer something more easily printable anyway. Lastly, there are a lot of customers who don’t differentiate between a 14" Large that one place sells and a 20" Large, which is what I sell - just trying to show those people that there is a BIG difference between the two. The video I’ll probably replace when I get our custom Aprons & shirts after New Years (got to see how many $ are left after Xmas shopping) - and I definitely need to practice that “no look” dough catch from the guy behind me (from video).

Overall, I’m really stoked by what a great job she’s doing for me on this site! Going better and more quickly than I’d thought!

Thanks again! And don’t worry about the “tough love” Wizzle, critical comments are what I’m looking for!

Your site has a nice look - overall it’s great… Wonderful use of quality images and colors. I can’t wait to try one of your pizzas one of these days… A few things I found I would change:

On the home page:

"This is where I take my family for pizza" kinda gets lost with the light color of the text on a light background...
Is the phone number in the lower left corner for your shop or the guy who developed the site?

About Us page:

 I would replace the video with one that showcases your finished pizzas - my first thought when I saw it was "this is goofy"
 I would change the color of the scroll bar so it's more visible - I didn't see it the first time I looked...

Menu Page:

I would make the printable version just one page - so if someone wants to print it off they can do so with just one page and get everything you offer...

The pizza-pasta page seems really cramped


  Again I would change the color of the scroll bar so it's more visible


  The page doesn't have your address on it?  If I was a visitor in your great city I might not know where the mall is...  


  Your phone number is only on one page - marketing, marketing, marketing - I'd put it on every page...

Very nice looking…alas, not too user friendly. Thank goodness I have a large monitor…some of the text I could barely read. I don’t like the scroll bar for the Pizza section of the menu. Again, print too small. You specials page…the 20"…is it 12.99 or 13.99? “We must HAVE missed the memo.” Best in Denver 9 out of 11 years. Those two years…first two years or last two years. Are you on the way up or down? And the rest of the “Did you know” stuff…I would probably put it on the about us page and leave the specials, the specials. Ditto the beginning of the FAQ…I would never use the word expensive. It is a very pretty page…but my personal opinion tells me that there are too many pictures. I get that you are trying to convey an image of quality…but I wouldn’t do it on every page. The main thing I feel is that the menu and the rest of the print should be very easy to read. I wouldn’t put words on top of pictures…you have to work to read it. People would visit your site to see what you have. It looks very nice…I would tweak it to make the menu big and legible. Don’t lose the focus of why the website is there…keep the main thing, the main thing.

Great site.

I concur with the above posters, as well as wanted to offer my own tidbits.

Don’t let the pictures be full of “free domain” pics. Use YOUR products…let THOSE look savory.

Also, IMO, ditch the “last delivery at 9:40” information in your ad. You’ll get lots of last minute callers and upset customers should you run late because of a last minute rush.

The about us picture should also be your storefront, not a generic picture. How do people know they have the right place if they can’t recognize it from your site?

Again, on the menu page…are these all of YOUR products, or stock photos in general? Do you serve a pan pizza? IF not, be ready for complaints of misrepresentation.

Other than that, it is a really nice site.

If you want an idea of other websites for ideas/inspiration, do a Search for Websites. About 7 topics down, I started a thread for us to list our sites. You may find looking at other’s helpful, espcially having your number and address on EVERY page :slight_smile:

Good effort.

The main thing you want to do is generate interest and traffic.

Move the VIP sign up to the home page. Make it a yellow box with black print so it stands out.
Sign up here for our VIP Club and receive a FREE . . . (Appetizers work well).
Have an auto responder email them a coupon for the FREE dessert.

When someone is looking many sights read the same.
The FREE offer can tip them your way.

The testimonial is great but could be more visible. The artsy fonts don’t help.
Agree with others on the phone number BIG on home page.
Also a cal for action : DON’T COOK - CALL NOW
Also CLICK HERE for directions

Need a USP on the Home Page. (See yourself why we are Denver’s Best Pizza or something).

With the USP, Testimonial, FREE appetizer, Directions, Call for Action etc you’ll have a homepage that generates traffic and build your database.

I hope this is not too late and helps.

Thanks to everyone for your input - it was extremely valuable! I’ve done quite a bit of tweaking to get the site where I want it; it’s quite a bit closer now, thanks to your help. If you’d like to take a look, the address is still

Thanks again! If there’s any other ideas you have, please let me know!

If you are happy that is all that counts.
I know this may be harsh but too many times people design sight as if they are to be displayed at an art show or something.
Don’t ever forget the purpose of the website is to generate traffic into your business. Not look fancy.
The focus should be on the people deciding where to dine (at that point in time). Not only casual surfers.
Good luck with it any we’ll be sure to check out your place when we are in Denver!

One more phone suggestion: People are lazy. They will not read the website. They will call the first number that they find on your website.

Please – Please call the other number on your website at odd hours – like 8:30pm and try to order a pizza. See what type of response you get.

Have your friends call the number at midnight and try to order a pizza. See what type of response you get.

Your customers will try that number and be frustrated with either talking to a web designer or her cell phone voice mail. Either way, you will lose a sale and possibly a customer. Very quickly, the web designer will stop answering the cell phone at all. All your customers will get is a number that is sent to voice-mail.

IMHO, you need to remove your web designer’s phone number from the entire site. Let her have a very small link to her website on the main page. Website created by:

BTW – I did call the web designer’s phone number – can’t order a pizza and – not a very good message (image) for either you or her.


Take all of the below with a grain of salt since it reflects my perferences that I have devloped over the years.

Move the navigation items to the top of the graphic and make the sytle fo the nav buttons match the rest of the site. Change the color of the black quote to white. Black on the area of the graphic it is in makes it hard to read. Move the Order Online button to the naviation menu. I would then probably move the quote down the page a bit and then change the style of the chosen best statment to match the quote’s style (or vice versa) and place the statmetn right above the quote.
I would also make a non flash style site so people do not need to have a plugin to work and view your information.


Very nice! I like the comment about you and your brother getting someone, interested in opening a franchise, professional help. I actually laughed out loud. How is the online ordering working out? One thing… I myself might have requested the webmaster put his hyperlink on the contact page only - and make it smaller - more inconspicuous yaknow? Its about the pizza shop not the “look what I did” webmaster. Just my 2 cents but Awesome nonetheless. :lol: