Cross Country motorcycle trip , where are you at?

May 3rd I am riding out to Las Vegas from Northern WI, I’m riding 94 West to Minneapolis, 35 south to I-40, then running that west to Las Vegas.
I will be stopping for the night near Emporia KS, and again near Kingman AZ (if the ride goes as planned)
Who is along my route so I can stop in and get some good pie on the way.
I may take the northern route on the way back if the snow lets up in Wyoming and along I-90 in south dakota

We are just on the Northeast edge of Denver if your trip sends you down I70 or up I25 towards Wyoming


Well worth a side trip to see this place and the food is pretty amazing too.

I am 90 miles sw of OKC also Daddio is right Melissa’s place is worth stopping at the atmosphere and the food plus she is very welcoming

detour through Chicago…we are not to far from Wrigley Field.