Cross marketing

So we have a new mobile store that just opened up a few weeks ago in our plaza. Today the store manager approached me wanting us to stick their flyer on our pizza boxes. Need advice on if this is something I should do to be neighborly or an exchange for something or if I should charge?

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You could do a split box topper, half for him half for you. Split the print cost with him 40/60 in your favor since it’s your customers.

Could also just charge him a flat fee per flyer. Just make sure 1 goes on each order (or how ever you want to do it).

Could also do some type of referral with them, for each customer that turns in a flyer to them they get a discount for you.

If done correctly it can work well for both parties, if done poorly, well… yeah.

I have always refused this type of thing. In my opinion, by promoting their business on your boxes you are tied to them. If they start treating customers badly (or are even perceived to be) some people may link that to you.

I’d do it for free for them being your neighbor. Put them out at the counter too. Ask them to put yours out. What’s it really hurting?

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Couple of issues I’ve run into.
I’ve done this many times- some good, some not so much. No real horror stories, though.
You are now hitched to their wagon (a bit)- personalities, politics, service, attitude,. etc.
Other merchants may say “Hey, what about me?”
Not a bad idea but can be a slippery slope in some ways.
I suggest cross-promos meaning not just their info but yours, their and maybe another merchants… creates a bit of distance but the result is the same. Make it limited time in nature.
I also think it’s better when it’s somewhat complimentary to what you do- that could be a video place (I know… that dates me, huh?) or a dry-cleaners if they are next door. But an HVAC company… not a fan. (no pun intended)