cross promoting

I was approached by the district manager at starbucks, she is in couraged to do outside of the box marketing that has VERY low cost. One thing she has come up with is Tumbler tuesday. Its worked well for her so she wants to get more of the word out. My idea is I foot the bill for full color uv coated 5000 double sided postcard size flier in 16 point card stock.
I get one side and she gets the other side, she distributes all of them in through her drive thru. my total, is 120.00 to my door…My thought is its a great company (high end coffee) to pair with as our demographics are similar.
Whats your guys input?

Will they be distributing the flyers out of one Starbucks and multiple. How far away is the Starbucks from your restaurant?
If it is in the same radius as your market share won’t you be advertising to you own customers?

Sounds like a good deal to me. They have a good image so no worries there. The costs are nominal. Why not? Its not like its forever. I think hooking up with a big strong company like Starbucks makes you look strong.

single store one block away

Make you tell them to put “see ad on back” or something cause there are a lot of stupid people that would never think to turn it over lol, especially if Starbucks hands it to them with their ad showing first.

I’d keep a few around in my store as well, pop 'em on a box top, hand them out at the counter or with your guest checks. Cross promo strengths lie in there being “cross” exposure as well I think.

Perhaps you can find out where the next nearest Starbucks is at and split the flyers between the stores, giving you a true opportunity to get more “new to you” business. Sounds like it could be a positive venture with a small cost footprint. Do you have a lunch buffet or business lunch special? Do you do any catering? One of my clients that owns a pizza shop has a very lucrative catering business.