Cross promotion with a video store

Has anyone done a cross promotion with a video store before. There is only one video store in our small town and they have asked us if we would like to do a cross promotion on our slow day.
Not sure what type of promotion because I do not believe in coupons. Any thoughts?

I have a video store next door to my store and what I have done is run their video preview dvd in exchange for them placing my menus in their store. As far as discounts are concerned I try and avoid them too. I do however give customers free movie rentals when we have goofed and require the customer to wait longer than expected.

I also own a video store and cross promote heavily. We do box toppers for the video store that have coupons on them most are rent one movie get one free etc so all the couponing is from the video store. The good thing about it is the customer sees valu in the coupon and it doesnt cost you anything unless you agree to do the printing for it but that part is cheap as you put 4 coupons on one sheet of paper and the printer can cut them for you. We have lots of customers that like the extra bonus of a video store coupon and if you want you can use the boxtopper to promote your own items as well even if you dont discount them.

WE have just started exactly that. . We have LARGE signs above our respective tills saying things like " Want a FREE MOVIE from… " ask us how. They are told that all they need to do is turn in $50 or more in receipts from us to the movie place and we will pay for a movie rental.
Thinking being, what are they going to do with those receipts while waiting for that second one (our avg ticket is $29), kinda think they will end up on fridge or in wifes purse along with all those other coupons she looks through every time she goes to store.
I suppose it could be called discounting? Hope not, then I’d have to kill myself lol… I prefer to think of it as customer loyalty rewards.

Are you paying full price for the movie? If you are stop!! The movie store should at least give you a discount or like I said give them a coupon for rent one get one free you can still say ASK US HOW TO GET A FREE MOVIE cause they will get a free movie they just have to rent one to get it

I am proudly paying full price. I do not discount my product, why would I expect him to? He is also a small independant business in a small town that needs all the income he can get. There are other things he is doing to promote my pizzeria that I feel will more than make up any perceived “win” on his behalf.
I worked out the potential cost to myself, assumed an extremely small growth of my customer base, factored in the very hard to quantify benefit of being on the fridge/in the purse (think fridge magnets) and I am more than happy with the bottom line. Biggest problem I see would be if EVERY customer displayed my receipt on their fridge for a couple of weeks before redeeming. At $3 a movie per $50 spent that equals 6% marketing cost. At a 50% redemption rate thats 3%. At 20% redemption that equals 1.2% cost of marketing WITHOUT adding anything back for new customers etc etc.
My understanding is any coupon that has a 10% redemption is classified as a success? So at twice the perceived level of “successfull” redemption (20%) I have a cost of 1.2%. Try giving a 1.2% discount to your customers on a coupon and see how many are turned in!
Now, as I have said, we just started this. I may be eating crow pie in the near future lol… I will post results at month end.