Cross stacking - I don't get it

i thought the same thing about the top but I will use for the bottom to help release. I was wondering how many oz those dough balls are since I may be trying to put too many on each tray. I put 12-21oz dough balls per tray but fully proofed after 24hrs they touch so maybe I should put less? Wonder if this affects the performance of my dough?

You will understand why we spray the top if someone doesn’t do it and you have to tear/rip the plastic wrap off the top.
6oz dough balls - 15/tray
9oz dough balls (in video) - 12/tray
14oz = 11
19oz = 8
54oz = 3
You could maybe squeeze more on a tray, but I much prefer to work with dough balls that I can remove from the tray and not have to cut or tear away from the others next to it. Much quicker and the dough ball is still round. Once you cut or tear it will have straight edges or torn edges.

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We must have a differ dough, cause mine never sticks to the wrap.

57% water
.555% IDY
2% oil
2% salt
.555% sugar

Another newly learned benefit of the spray vs painting with canola, is there is almost no residue left, which makes cleaning a snap.

Would these be helpful? Or hinder the dough ball

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I think the cost of those would not be worth it. Plus then they have to be washed. They are going to crack / break after so much use also. Plastic wrap is much easier.