Croutons (Homemade)

Will anyone share a recipe and workflow for homemade croutons?
I want to make our own instead of buying them bc the ones they serve at restaurants like Texas Roadhouse and other steak houses are miles better than anything I can buy.

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Hey December,

We keep a box in the walk-in to collect each night’s leftover bread for the week. Then on make day we pull out to come to room temp, cut the bread up into our desired size for croutons, and deep fry (double basket to keep them down) for about 2-3min. Look for a nice dark color. When each batch comes out, we hit it with garlic oil, s&p, and a mix of fresh parsley & oregano. Toss em up and put into a 22qt. We leave the container open until the end of the day that we make them to allow to cool and dry. They’re absolutely delicious but we do use a really good bread to start. We def feel that makes a difference as well. We use a sesame seeded semolina hero. Good luck and lemme know if you have any questions. Stay safe.

That sounds insanely good, ill try it later this week thank you so much