Crusty pizza brands vs. new dough makers

The shift in the status quo was particularly evident in the pizza market. Pizza Hut[/URL]’s systemwide sales were flat and its U.S. unit count slipped by 64 stores. Among the 500 chains measured by Technomic, three of the four fastest sales gainers were fast-casual pizza specialists ([URL=‘’]Blaze Pizza[/URL], [URL=‘’]Mod Pizza[/URL] and[URL=‘’]Pieology, with systemwide sales increases of 204.8 percent, 181.5 percent and 67.3 percent, respectively.)

I honestly do not understand why everyone keeps thinking Pizza Hut is a pizza company anymore. They ceased being one some years ago, they are just a shell of what they were.

All they are now is a budget line to Yum, and it quite evident if you ever order from them or know anyone who works for them.