CTX ovens, need some help.

Thinking about buying a CTX DZ33 oven, electric, using a PS360 right now. Any member using a CTX, can you tell me the good and bad about the oven

The ctx is manufactured by Middleby Marshall first and foremost M&M’s ovens have proven there worth time and time again they are the industries leading manufacturer of conveyor ovens whatever you pay (within reason) I will give you my word you will have that plus double what it costed in 6 months flat. Let me put it to you this way you of course know of Papa Johns correct? Well if not there an international multi - million $ pizza business everyone of them out there use the same oven its called the WOW oven, on my very grandmothers grave God rest her soul they can and do on a day-to-day basis cook pizzas in 4 mins flat. Perfectly every time. They are manufactured by Middleby Marshall. In laymens terms there is no bad when it comes to Middleby Marshall