I was thinking of making cupcakes to sell for desserts for our pizza store, its very inexpensive to make however its one of those situations where the container to sell it in costs more then the product. Im still on the fence about doing it. Does anybody else sell cupcakes? Im just talking like 1 or 2 kinds nothing too crazy. Does selling cupcakes at a pizza place seem odd?

Doesn’t seem odd to me, kids like pizza, kids like cupcakes. Personally, instead of taking on the work of making the cupcakes, I would reach out to some high end cupcake places in your area and see about partnering with them if it’s feasible. Cupcakes freeze really well, you could buy enough in bulk from a local shop, market it as “XY Pizza offers Z cupcakes exclusively” and it could be win win.

I never thought about freezing them great idea! Thank you actually I went to a high end cupcake store and they seemed interested in selling me cupcakes for resale we didnt get to bulk pricing but to tell the truth I thought the ones we made were better Not cloying. However I think the customers would respond better to the high end cupcakes thanks for the reply.

Frozen cupcakes??? If I want frozen stuff I would just go to Tim Horton’s or the local grocery store…I am sure you could get away with it but would it not be better for your marketing to keep them fresh?..

Honestly, you won’t be able to tell the difference… Give it a try, buy a gourmet cupcake, freeze it, thaw it, eat it.

It is not about being able to tell the difference…It is about selling the “sizzle” and you have no “sizzle” with frozen…

There’s plenty of sizzle, they’re made fresh, not in a factory, customers wouldn’t know the difference between buying one from the cupcake shop themselves made that day and one made a month ago and thawed properly. Take them out in the morning, get a nice display case, no one is none the wiser… Of course if you could negotiate the same pricing not in bulk from said cupcake shop, that might be even better.

We sell them. They sell well. We bake them in the brick oven. We bake them once a week. Freeze them then daily pull them out and ice them. I cannot tell the difference between a frozen and thawed cupcake and one just baked. The markup on them is fantastic

A business that depends on the phrase: " no one is none the wiser" is really rolling the dice…

It really isn’t. If there were any difference in quality between the two, I could see the point, but there isn’t. The cupcake maker, and the only people in this thread who have tried previously frozen cupcakes are vouching for their consistency. Not sure why people who haven’t tried it would disagree.

People freeze their wedding cakes for a year and they don’t taste that different. Less than a month isn’t even noticeable.

Once again, it is not about the taste…It is about “lost opportunity”…You certainly can not advertise that you sell “frozen” cupcakes can you?..

So true!..

No, you advertise that you sell cupcakes, from the best damn cupcakery in the area. You don’t have to advertise that they are fresh or frozen. Or you can make mediocre fresh cupcakes yourself.

You’re a pizza shop, make great pizza and things that come along with a pizza shop. Outsource the other specialty items (if can be done profitably) to a shop that specializes in them.

I mean, you make it sound like you should be making your own soda too for the minuscule benefit of saying you make your own soda.