Curious About Revention

I know when Revention first started they were top notch in customer service and listening to customers needs. Now that they have been around 5 plus years I want to hear from those that sang them praises. How do you feel about paying for support that has become mediocre at best. Did you like shelling out a lot of money to them to come PCI compliant or did you like paying annual support only to find out screw you on any upgrades if not compliant. Be honest don’t post here because Revention callls you and asks you to.

How much do you think Revention should be charging for the PCI upgrades?

I have had many disputes and disagreements with them. That being said I know sticker shock…I have 4 systems that I had just purchased in May/June 2009 and had to do upgrades in Feb/March of this year. Am I happy about it? No - but after I got over the sticker shock and stood back and looked at the situation I compared it to my ovens or walk-ins which seem to require $800 a month repairs now with replacement costs far exceeding anything a POS company could charge me for something so vital to my operation.

That is the problem with all technology, it changes the minute after you buy it.

I believe $1800 net for an upgrade of a 6 station system is reasonable…however they do quote different prices from time to time and I got in on a deal.

I will say in some of my shops I had to upgrade the whole CPU and not just the hard drive and there is an issue with Windows 7 platform and it’s functionality with Revention (Windows 7 sucks!) and wish I could “downgrade” to XP Pro op system…but otherwise I am ok with all of it…still not happy to keep spending money.

In response to how much I feel the upgrades should be I think a fair price is 250 per workstaton as all work stations have to be done even though only your main is the one you dial into. Even if you use a bump screen that station has to have it too. I just think that as part of paying for annual support that is supposed to include upgrades that this pci compliance should be done at 10 percent over cost which if you add up all the systems thats not a bad profit. If you have older work stations you have to buy new ones as they can’t upgrade as previous poster replied. One thing I forgot to state in original post is I love the program an ever have very few issues with program that most support calls boil down to being equipment which then they are of no help an tell you buy a new work station.

Had Revention in my first location since 2007. Love hate relationship. That said, I just bought a whole new three station plus kitchen display system for my new location.
Truth is I bought Revention again due to the ease of being able to train new location employees at my current location and having ongoing compatibility between stores.
Guess didn’t hate em enough to replace both systems lol… However, my wife sure does…
Yes I was really pissed about the PCI upgrade. Even more so as I “got a virus” three months previous and had just replaced all the hard drives. To then have to do it again was not a pleasant thing.
Love the system. Despise it runs on the Microsoft Windows platform.
When will somebody come out with a Mac based pizza pos ? It would absolutely
clean up. They just work. Period.
Support calls are always answered, have had few issues with the support team. They got rid of one bad apple a few months ago. Mohammed and of course Chuck really know there stuff. At the start ( I was there very first Hunger Rush client to go live ) you could actually call and speak with Jeff the owner. He has now become way too busy and important to actually speak with existing customers. Pity that.
Not wanting to seem like I’m bashing my respected neighbours to the south, but, seems like a trend I see dealing with US companies vs Canadian companies. Once a company gets to a certain size in the US it appears common they start to dodge the very people who put them there. The customer.
I’m just a little two location guy, my name and cell phone number and email are readily available to any and all customers. Always will be. Even published on my web page. When I become too important to talk to my customers I have a problem.
( Do you hear me Marcus at Shimmmer??)
Sorry for the rant. Just hit a nerve I guess…