current cheese prices

now that the barrel price of cheese is at $1.85, yesterday, what are ya’ll paying for cheese ?

specifically, I use diced Grande blended mozzerella, provolone, cheddar, this week’s price for me is $3.14 per pound

I realize there are different lag times with different distributors, depending on their wholesale price.

Seems sometimes the distributors want to use old prices if they are higher and adjust them to the new prices when they are higher, and it has been difficult for me to figure their pricing,

Hello Otis,as of yesterday my price for diced Grande 50/50 was 1.92 llb.I am in the Phila.area.


thanks goomba,

the blended is a little more, but I am sure paying a lot more,

BTW, do you know how your distributor prices your cheese, ie on current barrel price or something different…

at $1.92, that is a small factor above the $1.85 barrel price

…can they send me some here in AZ !!

I’ll bet you use a lot more cheese than Otis does in Arizona. I had a conversation yesterday with my food rep that CME wholesale cheese average prices have dropped consistently for 5 weeks, and my cost has not come down at all . . . only change is the increase I got a couple weeks before the decline. She is looking into it.

I am sure it is a conspiracy of people trying to gouge me since the greedy cheese people can’t keep their prices sky high anymore, and the market is dropping through their fingers :smiley: </humor intended>

Seriously, there does seem to be a small market correction going on, and I really hope to see prices drop a little in the next week or so from USFoods. I know they are a couple weeks behind the market, but I called them on 5 week lag in pricing adjustments.

some local distributors seem to want you to think they bought it at the high of about $2.23, when in fact, the CME barrel price has been under $1.90 for over a week…
eventhough they are quick to change when the price goes up…guess it is in just some people’s nature

below is a link to the CME daily settle price, for what it’s worth


trying to find a price for ferraro blue. last week i paid 2.25

I paid 3.08/pound for Grande part skim today. I look at my prices every delivery and have noticed them going down.

I paid 2.32 lb. for our 100% mozz brand today.