Custom boxes & bags

I use a custom box. I have for years. It’s not much more money than the generic, I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t. Do you guys?

When I priced custom bags years ago I remeber them being ridiculously expensive. With that being said I think it makes you look very classy.

We are considering dropping ours, in the beginning we were paying about 3.00 more a case over the last 6 months we are paring about 10 dollars more a case, or about an extra 100 dollars a week, 400 a month
on top over everything else our boxes are coming in ripped and torn, tired of paying premium pricing for crappy product

I would never pay for ripped and torn boxes. I would send them back.

We have been using custom boxes for a few years.

We buy 100cs at a time of each size that we use. If you don’t have storage for that amount and can rent a storage trailer it is worth it because you save alot buying in bulk.

Do you mind sharing what your paying at the 100 Cs price. I have plenty of room for storage in my unusable basement. Right now I’m only using 16 inch. Id love to incorporate 12’s also. I go through about 200 a week

I understand the idea of saving a few $s but sometimes savings do not carry to the bottom line like you think they will…IMO (and I may be a little biased, lol) branding like you get on custom boxes drives sales…Of course it is hard to measure the effect when you make a change such as going to generic or plain boxes…But even if it is as few as 1 or 2 sales a day you may not make any gains…

I will have to look that up. I do know off the top of my head that we were told it would save us $2 per bundle by ordering 100 bundles at a time.

We use 30-35 bundles a week so it really adds up. Plus we can use a high quality box for our product. Our boxes are from G2Print through Reinhart Foodservice.

We don’t use a 16" box. Here is the price we pay for 12"…$12.85.